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     Jonna Patton began her grooming career with Tracy's Groom Room in 2012, starting out as a bather/apprentice groomer with her sister Lindsey.  Soon after, she was given the opportunity to become a full-time groomer. Her interest in grooming occurred long before then, though... she began helping her mother and sister in a grooming salon at the age of 8, bathing and experimenting with hair cuts on the family dogs.

     Jonna enjoys the modern Asian Fusion style grooming and both the challenges and artistic freedom it presents. In her spare time, Jonna likes to read, sing, and paint. She is a mommy of multiple furbabies and horses.

     Jonna has been a great addition to the TGR family.  She, too, has a great work ethic and true passion for the animals that she works with.  We are very happy to have her on our team and look forward to the future and what it holds for Jonna and her talents.

     Lindsey Patton has been with TGR since the day we opened the shop in 2009. She has many years of grooming experience and grew up watching her mother groom as well. In 2008, Lindsey participated in her first grooming competition at Nash Academy in Lexington, Kentucky-  taking third place in her Poodle class. Needless to say, her areas of expertise are Poodles and Bichons, specializing in hand scissoring and highly stylized clips. She is also one of the few pet groomers in the Tri-State area that offers the handstripping grooming technique for Terriers and Sporting breeds. When she's not tending to the pampered pooches of Henderson, Lindsey enjoys gardening, fishing, and spending time with her 2 young sons... Reed and  Colton, her partner of many years, Todd and her numerous pets.

     Lindsey is a great talent and we are so lucky to have her on our team, she has become the face of our business, and we are very happy with her work ethic and the way she treats and handles our furry clients.  

Meet Our Team...

​     We are Kendall & Tracy Gaddis.  We previously had 3 Shih-tzus that started it all. My background had always been office/business work and we had no human children. Shortly after we took on our third furbaby, sadly, our groomer passed away.  We loved her and trusted her and it was a great loss to us.  Soon after, I decided to try to teach myself to groom, and I did.  I practiced and practiced on friends and family's dogs and the more I did it,the more I loved it!  I never dreamed I would enjoy it so much, I just thought I would save us some hassle and money by doing it at home.  Through my research learning to groom, I discovered Mobile Grooming, which I had never heard of.  We thought it would be a great idea, to have a mobile shop that was small, manageable and would keep the hair out of the house!  We thought, "We can do this"!  We can surely earn enough to cover the expenses...there MUST be others out there that would appreciate such a service.  So, we did it!  We purchased a used pet grooming trailer and modified to suit our needs.  It didn't take long for the calls to start coming in.  I had enough work to keep me as busy as I wanted to be at the time.  It was all so exciting!  At that point, Henderson had limited grooming salons, maybe 3 or 4.  So, I continued to get calls about in-shop grooming as well, being that the mobile service was considerably more expensive. That is when we really took a leap of faith.  We found a location we could afford, we actually found two groomers to come on board, which in itself is a HUGE challenge -- groomers don't grow on trees, let me tell you.  Much less, experienced, compassionate, talented groomers.  Everything fell in place. We opened our doors in July 2009.  Before we knew it, we had grown into full time.  However, the mobile grooming began to suffer and we ultimately chose to shut that side of the business down. 
     In November 2009 we found out were expecting our first child...a dream come true for us, and totally unexpected!  Since having her, I have stayed home with her, but I have continued to handle all of the business side of Tracy's Groom Room.  I am very much involved and present in the business, but you may not see me hanging out at the shop. Especially now, that we have two little ones!  A little boy, who was born in July 2015 add to keeping me busy at home.  Please don't take my physical absence as lack of involvement.  I am very much involved in the business, with the groomers and clients. I am always available to address any question, concern or praise about our services.  All email & facebook correspondence is handled by me and my cell phone number is listed in the phone book under our business listing - as well as our shop.  If you need to reach me, I am readily available.

Following, is a little information about our team in the shop.   I have all the confidence in the world in them and they have the best animal care qualities I have ever seen...​ I have total and complete faith in them, and you can too.

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We want you to feel at home in our salon.


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Every one of us is a pet-owner. We will treat your pet like it was our own.


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Our experienced staff will provide the expert services you & your pet desire...and deserve.

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